SEO Book – SEO 2015 and Beyond

Amazon Star ReviewSEO 2015 and Beyond is an excellent SEO resource book written by consultant Dr. Andy Williams. A straight forward, easy to follow guide to help both site owners and SEO’s get to grips with their campaigns.

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This is a good up to date (at the time of publishing) SEO resource that will help take you through the important algorithm changes, SEO strategies and practices you need to carry out a successful campaign.

SEO has evolved so quickly over the last 18 months, tactics that may have once had authority and helped push your site up the rankings may now be deemed as black hat or unethical by Google. As a result you may be at risk with losing your rankings or getting hit with a Google penalty.

Amazon Review

Knowing what the most up to date tactics are and ensuring that your site isn’t doing all the wrong things will give you the best chance to rank well and give you the online presence you require to sell your products, bring in the business or engage your audience.

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SEO 2015 and Beyond will give you a very healthy start.

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