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What Is Your Best Ranking?
Ranking 1st for anything is awesome, out ranking competitors is equally as awesome but are these really your best rankings?

Putting Yourself In Front Of The Right Audience – On The Edge Manchester 2014
It isn’t enough to simply be “online” you need to find your audience. This post looks at how to put yourself in front of the right eyes online

Essential Local Business Listings For Local SEO
I list the important types of local business websites you should be listed on and explains how this will help your local SEO performance

DIY SEO: Getting Your Research Right
Carrying out your own SEO campaign can be tough especially if your initial research lets you down. Here are some safety tips

Why You Need A Local SEO Campaign
Local SEO campaigns are essential for all online businesses. Southampton based Local Search experts Koozai can help

The Death Of SEO
No matter what you read, SEO isn’t dead. In this post we look at how continued SEO obituaries may be leading site owners down the wrong path

Everything You Need To Know About Title Tags
We go back to basics and explain the importance of title tags for enticing clicks and indicating relevance. Discover why title tags still have merit

SEO 2014 – What Site Owners Really Need To Understand
Andy looks at why, now more than ever, site owners need to understand what SEO entails and why old tactics no longer work

The Ultimate List Of Local SEO Resources
Local SEO is hugely important for all online businesses. Here we have created the ultimate Local SEO resource list to help you carry out a local campaign

How To Gain More Social Followers
I explains the best ways to get more likes, fans and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many more

#AskHarry Is the Latest Football Twitter Chat Fail
Twitter Chats are excellent ways to engage with your audience however if not planned correctly they can back fire as did the #AskHarry twitter chat

How To Become An ITK (In The Know) On Social Media
How do those in the know grab everyone’s attention and how can you get in on the act and be seen as influential in your own right?

The Case of Katie Hopkins and Other Deliberate Hate Figures
Getting noticed online is everything but have we got to the stage where extreme measures are needed? Is the only way to get noticed to become a hate figure?

What The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Taught Me About Digital Marketing
My time performing at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival taught me a lot of lessons most of which can be applied to Digital Marketing. Find out how here

Mastering Local SEO – A Complete Guide
This presentation provides a complete guide on how to Master Local SEO including on page optimisation, how to get reviews and finding local citations

Is It Better To Be A Generalist Or A Specialist In Digital Marketing?
Are the days gone when we can simply specialise in one field within Digital Marketing or do we now have to spread our skills across a wider range of areas?

Guaranteed Number One Rankings in 48 Hours and Other Lies from Scammers
Bogus SEO emails promising great rankings and amazing traffic are nothing new – But that doesn’t stop them from driving me crazy each time I receive one

Should Your Client Know SEO?
How much should your client understand SEO? Should you be educating them? In this post I look at the importance of educating your client in the art of SEO

How Social Media Has Changed The Way We Complain
Its Human Nature That People Will Always Complain. Now They Are Doing It Online and In Real Time. Is Your Company Doing All It Should To Protect Itself?

Your New Year SEO Resolutions For 2013
Made Any New Year Resolutions For 2013? What About Online Resolutions? If You’re A Site Owner Relying On Your Presence Then Here Are Four To Think About

Why Do Site Owners Continue To Ignore Google?
2012 Has Been A Year Of Google Updates But There Are Still Site Owners Who Refuse To Abide By The Google Webmaster Guidelines. Why?

Whats In A Name? – Should You Brand Your Child?
Protecting Your Brand Is Essential But How Important Is It To Protect Your Name? Should You Be Buying Your Child’s Domain Name Now For Their Future?

Business Owners – Stop Being Scared Of Social Media
Too Many Online Business Owners Are Still Scared Of Using Social Media As Part Of Their Online Campaigns. It’s Time To Stop Hiding And Get Involved

Just Who Is Using Google+?
One Year On From The Launch Of Google+ – Just Who Is Using It? Beyond The Digital Industry Has Anyone Really Started Using Google+?

What Is Google+ Local
Google Places profiles are now Google+ Local profiles. We explore the implication of this change, and how to get started

Why That Mystery Mate Can’t Do SEO

He Is Every Digital Marketers Nightmare – The Clients Mate. His Whispers Can Sabotage Any Successful Campaign. Here Is How You Should Handle The Situation

Google+ Local Pages Replace Google Places
Yet Another Google Update Sees Google Places Being Replaced With Google + Local Pages. Now Your Really Do Need A Google + Profile

Review if Southampton Digital Conference #SotonDigital
Our review of the second SotonDigital conference and the various presentations that took place

Ecommerce SEO and Beyond
Getting The SEO Right On Your Ecommerce Site Is Essential. Getting The Off Page Elements Right Is Also Important. This Guide Looks Into All These Areas

Brighton SEO Morning Session Write -Up
If you didn’t manage to go to Brighton SEO or just need a recap of what was said, this post recaps all of the main talking points of the morning session

Google’s Venice Update and Local SEO
Google’s Venice Update Includes 40 Changes To The Algorithm. This Post Looks Changes Affecting Local SEO and Why You Need To Pay Attention

Are You Really Using Twitter?
There Are Many Uses For Twitter But Are You Using Them. This Article Looks At Some Ways You Can and Should Be Using Twitter To Get The Most Out Of It

Are Old SEO Tactics Holding Your Site Back?
Out Of Date SEO Tactics Could Be Holding Back Your Site. Are You Concentrating All Your Efforts On Tactics That Have No Benefit On Your Rankings

Social Media Monitoring – Are You Offering Customer Service?
Using Social Media As A Customer Service Tool Is Becoming More Common Place For Online Businesses. Are You Using It. If So Are You Using It Effectively?

.XXX Domains – Do You Need To Register One?
Should You Be Buying Up XXX Domains To Protect Your Brand? Is Your Brand Under Threat If You Don’t Buy One? We Look Into Whether You Need To Act

Five Bad SEO Habits To Drop In 2012
As We Move Into 2012 Its Time To Ditch Your Bad SEO Habits. Here Are Five That Seem To Have Made A Return During 2011

Stumbleupon Channels – The Main Changes in Stumbleupon’s Redesign
Stumbleupon Has Recently Launched A Redesign. Two Big Changes Have Been Included. Stumbleupon Channels and The Explore Box.

Optimising Your Google+ Pages
You May Already Have A Google Plus Profile Page But Is It Optimsied? Making Sure Key Information Is Included In The Right Places Will Help You Rank

Is Your Website Ready For Christmas?
Ensuring Your Site Is Optimised and Ready For Christmas Can Be The Difference Between A Bumper Year For Your Online Sales Or Completely Missing The Boat

SEO Myths and Out Of Date Theories
There Are A Number Of SEO Myths and Out Of Date Theories That Continue To Haunt The Industry. In This Post I Look To Address The Most Popular Ones

How To Gain Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites
Read How To Gain Traffic From Social Bookmarking Websites. Tips On How To Bookmark and A List Of The Top Social Sites To Concentrate On

Why Don’t All My Links Show In Google?
If You’ve Carried Out A Search In Google For Your Back Links And Had Hardly Any Returned: Don’t Panic. You Just Need To Use A Different Method Of Research

Google Places Redesign Makes Gaining Reviews Easier
The Recent Update To Google Places Now Makes It Easier To Gain Those All Important Reviews From Your Customers.

Anchor Text – The Best Practices
Using Anchor Text Correctly Can Be The Difference Between Ranking For Targeted Terms and Missing Out To Your Competition. This Article Provides Some Tips

10 Minute Link Building
Link Building Can Be Time Consuming and Hard Work If Done Properly But There Are Some Links You Can Gain Quickly. Follow This 10 Minute Link Building Plan

21 Local SEO Resources
Local Search Resources Providing Information, Tips and Guides To Improve Your Local Campaign Including Who To Follow On Twitter

PageRank – An Unhealthy Obsession
PageRank Is An Obsession For Some While Others Ignore. But Which Opinion Is Correct. Does PageRank Matter? This Article Is Of The Opinion Its Time It Went

The DON’TS Of Link Building
Link Building Is Important But There Are So Many Practices That Can Work Against You. Here Is A List Of Some Of The Most Common Link Building Mistakes

5 Useful Social Bookmarking Widgets
A Useful Bookmarking Widget Should Allow Your Readers The Chance to Share Your Content Easily. Here We Review Their Importance and The Top 5

5 Mobile Plugins for WordPress
5 Mobile Plugins For WordPress To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly And Allow You To Edit From Your Mobile Phone

5 Tips For Gaining More Traffic From Stumbleupon
5 Tips On How To Gain More Traffic From Your StumbleUpon Account. Strengthen Your Account And Bring More Relevant Traffic To Your Site

Optimising Products For Google Merchant Centre
Including your products in Google’s Product Search is something all online ecommerce sites should be taking advantage of. Here’s a guide to how to do it.

Creating Coupons and Discounts on Check-In Sites
Joining And Creating Coupons Or Discount Deals On Check-In Sites Is Becoming An Important Part Of Becoming Noticed Locally Online. Find Out More Here

How To Add A Google Map To Your Website
Adding A Google Map To Your Site Is Easier Than You May Think. Here Is A Helpful Step By Step Guide To Adding One To Your Contact Us Page

Creating A Custom Google Map
Creating A Custom Google Map Can Help Further Improve Your Google Places Profile Listing. Here Is A Guide To Help You Create A Custom Map

Authority Citation Sites To Improve Your Google Places Profile
Gaining Citations From Authority Sites Can Help Improve Your Google Places Profile. Here Are A List Of Sites To Review And How To Research Citation Sites

Creating Google Places Coupons For Your Local Profile
Creating Coupons On Your Google Places Profile Is An Excellent Way Of Promoting Offers To Your Local Audience. Read Our Step By Step Guide To Creating Them

Mobile Search Tips and Best Practices
Mobile SEO Rapidly Becoming More Important To Any Online Marketing Campaign, Here are Some Important Mobile Search Tips and Best Practices To Look Into

Google Places Reviews – Responding To Bad Reviews
Responding To Bad Reviews Left In Your Google Places Profile Is Important But Not Always Easy. Here Are Some Tips and Ideas To Consider Before Replying

Create A Blog – Improve Your Local Search Rankings in Google
A Blog Can Serve as a Powerful Tool When Trying To Improve Your Local Search Rankings in Google. Here Are Some Tips on Becoming More Local

Local SEO Tips For Your Site
Local SEO Tips To Help Your Site Become Better Ranked For Local Search. On Page Optimisation Tips To Give Search Engine More Local Information About You

Optimising Your Google Places Profile
Tips On How To Optimise Your Google Places Profile. Areas That Should Be Completed Within Your Google Places Profile To Gain Better Local Search Rankings

Gain Reviews – Improve Your Google Places Ranking
Gaining Reviews For Your Business Will Help Build Up Your Google Places Profile and Work Towards Improving Rankings. Here Are Some Tips On Gaining Reviews

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